Red Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Greece. The stretch of pebbly sand is surrounded by high, bright-red cliffs. It’s not one of the most scenic and  popular beaches on the island for sunbathing, but it’s still worth a visit.

The first one is about 4,5 km long and 200 m large, included the Perissa Beach, Perivolos Beach and Ag.Georgios Beach and it is a black beach totally covered with pebbles, gradually thickening towards the sea. The sea in Perivolos has a livid look because of a sedimented deep sea bed that let you swim near the shore. The promenade is full of bars, restaurants, shops, minimarkets, ouzerie and gyros takeaways.

Although a tourist spot, Oia remains an exceptionally artistic, hardly touched site; it is the part of the island least affected by tourism. A model of architecture, finesse and charm, Oia has its own fanatic followers: those who know how to appreciate what is different and unique!

Santorini Volcano: Santorini is gifted with a unique natural beauty and a wild scenery created by the vocanic eruptions. As it is extremely famous for the beautiful caldera, the island is also known for the two small islands of black lava positioned at the centre of the basin of Santorini which are, geographically, the youngest islets in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Santorini is like three islands, the part with caldera view, the beaches, and the rest of the island. The caldera view towns are Fira, Imerovigli, Firastefani and Oia perched so far above the sea that it may as well be a painting. This is the commercial part of Santorini. This part of the island brings in most of the money and is completely dependent on it’s image to attract the visitors.

6. Traditional Food

Despite the ostensible poverty of Santorini’s raw materials, its cuisine could not be tastier. Its fava is renowned and delicious in all its manifestations, there are delicate, light tomato and zucchini fritters, exquisite, tangy eggplant dip, succulent sun-dried tomatoes and tomato pastes, fried white eggplant (sweeter than the purpley ones), seafood, lountza (cured pork fillet) in vinsanto with sugar and fennel seed.

Although many traditional recipes can be found in the island’s tavernas, in some of them these local products have been turned into divine creations in the hands of certain young chefs. With their imaginative spirit and their dedication to injecting new life into Santorini’s cuisine, they offer inspiration and artistry to dishes without betraying their fundamental goodness.


Santorini is an island with long wine-making tradition. The volcanic soil and the special climate of Santorini give a unique taste to the local wine. The wine of Santorini was famous all over the Mediterranean basin in the ancient times and even today it is exported in many countries of the world. Vinsanto, Nychteri and Mezzo are just some of the local varieties that can be found in many restaurants on the island and in various cellars in the world.

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